Is LED lighting a good choice?

LED lighting is a smart choice!

LED lighting has become more reasonably priced in recent  years.  If you already have recessed lighting in your room changing it could be as easy as replacing the bulb with several color choices to pick from: Soft White, Warm White, and Daylight.  The room will be bright yet it will feel cooler since LED bulbs emit 75% less heat than  incandescents.  And you will see a difference in your electric bills too. 

You may feel your fixture has an aged look and prefer something more modern.  LED fixtures come in one piece units and include plug ins for the person who is a confident DIYer.

If you don't feel this is a task you can handle, you should hire a licensed electrician to replace or install new.   The one piece units always offer a clean uniform look with no bulb to adjust up or down, and no light peeking out around the trim.  You will also see a significant change in the temperature of the room and your utility bill because the units are airtight and allow no breeze to flow from the attic into your home.  The best part is that LED bulbs last for  20+ years!  Very economical in the long run, and, in our opinion, your best option for lighting throughout - especially if your home has high, hard to reach ceilings.

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LED Recessed Lighting
LED Recessed Lighting
LED Recessed Lighting